Municipal and Industrial Pipe Cleaning Services

Bob Frame has worked hard to gain a reputation as one of the leading providers of pipe cleaning services to cities and towns as well as industrial users. We use state-of-the-art equipment to solve problems big and small. Dependability is our hallmark.  

Hydro Excavating

Hydro excavating using our vacuum trucks is the safest way to uncover and repair subsurface sewer lines without damaging other utilities, such as phone, gas and power lines. This process uses a high pressure water system to break apart the soil while a powerful vacuum removes and loads the soil onto a truck. This allows us to locate lines faster and keeps the operators safer without damaging the surrounding infrastructure.

Key benefits:

  • Safe excavation around fiber optic lines

  • Contains all debris without making a mess

  • Evacuates the water to minimize cave-ins

  • Removes debris from curb boxes without open cuts

  • No need for manned entry or probing for utilities

  • Pot-hole for utility location to save time

  • Remove debris from distances of up to 120 feet


Drain Cleaning

We offer Drain Cleaning for homes, businesses, and industry, using jetters and cable machines.


We offer Televising with push cameras, crawler cameras and quick view cameras.


Our Locating services help you to identify underground sewers and water lines.

Sewer Line Repair

We safely identify and fix sewer lines, including spot repair.

Underground Utility Repair

We offer utility repair for water, sewer and new installations. We utilize a 420 CAT backhoe, a Bobcat with a backhoe attachment, a hydraulic mole for running water lines under the street or landscaping and safety boxes. 


Our Vac-Con services are available to clean drywalls in parking lots, lift stations or sanitary and storm lines.

New Muni Service

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