Secure Storage Units Offer Peace of Mind

What is the number one concern you have about renting or buying a storage unit? Most people would probably answer “security.”

Our units are different. We use a special locking system on all our rental storage containers that cannot be opened with bolt cotters. The cost is reasonable too – just $125 per month. Drop off and pickup prices vary according to the length of the rental and the distance traveled.

Benefits of Our Storage Units (compared with semi-trailer storage):
  • No stairs

  • No tires

  • No license plates

  • No semi tractor needed

  • Easy loading and unloading of material

  • Built-in pipe racks and material racks

  • Temporary electrical box located outside the container to supply power to inside lights and 110 -volt outlet to charge tools overnight

  • Special theft resistant lock

  • No storage needed at end of job

  • Fewer insurance claims